Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the most frequently asked questions. We are confident that you will be able to find an answer to your question here. However, if you are unable to do so, feel free to contact us by clicking here.
General Information
What is XuQa?
How do you pronounce XuQa?
Who created XuQa?
Is the site free?
What are moderators on XuQa? What do they do?
What is VIP membership?
How can you buy it?
What are the differences between Diamond, Gold and Silver VIP memberships?
What is a Fast Express Account?
How can I cancel my VIP membership?
Are there any rebills with memberships purchased via SMS?
Can I trust your credit card system?
I live abroad. Can I use my credit card?
How do I purchase a VIP membership via bank transfer?
Who manages the bank transfer page?
How can I convert my membership from VIP into a free account?
Account Settings
I see profiles with specially customized profile designs. How can I customize my profile page design?
How can I change my personal information?
What are profile themes?
Profile Levels
What are levels?
How can I increase my level?
What will I earn when I level up?
How can I level up fast?
Is there any limit for leveling up?
Social Activities
What is an action ?
What is a scrap?
What are profile views?
How can I add a friend?
What is a forum?
How can I comment in the forum?
What are medals? How can I earn them?
Can I buy medals?
What are gifts?
How can I send gifts?
XuQa Point
What is XuQa Point?
Can I send Points to my friend?
What can I do with my Points?
Can I convert my Peanuts to Points?
What are peanuts?
How can I earn peanuts?
Can I get peanuts daily for free?
Can I send peanuts to my friends?
What form of peanut transfer is disallowed?
Is the Okey game similar to traditional Okey?
What is BlackJack?
My peanuts are locked. How can I join rooms?
What are items?
Can I buy items?